Uncle From Another World Delayed Due to COVID-19

Uncle From Another World Delayed

Uncle From Another World Delayed

Fans of the show will have to wait for some time before they watch the fifth episode as Uncle From Another World has been delayed due to COVID-19.

The delay of the series’ next episode was announced on the official TV anime Twitter account and official website. In the post, the specific details of the series’ delay were revealed.

Specifically, it was announced that while episode 4 has been completed, episode 5 will be delayed by two weeks, meaning the first two episodes of the show will be rebroadcast instead of episodes 5 and 6.

Uncle From Another World Episode 5 Delayed

According to the announcement, the delay was due to rising COVID-19 cases within the studio Atelier Pontdarc, along with other studios that are working on the show.

The announcement also asks fans for their understanding regarding the delay as the series’ production committee will “put the health and safety of all the staff involved in this work first.”

In case you’re unfamiliar, Uncle From Another World (Isekai Ojisan in Japanese) is an anime series by Atelier Pontdarc that is based on the ongoing manga of the same name by Hotondoshindeiru.

The manga started serialization on Kadokawa Shoten back in June 2018.

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The series follows Takafumi Takaoka, a college student who takes care of his uncle who recently awakened from a long coma. His uncle was put into a coma 17 years ago after being hit by a truck.

Takafumi discovers that his uncle was sent to another world during his coma, and he is now back in the real world with magical abilities. Takafumi lets his uncle move in with him and helps him adjust to life in the modern world.

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Uncle From Another World Episode 5 Release Schedule

Originally set to broadcast on August 3, Uncle From Another World Episode 5's release is delayed to August 17, 2022. Here is the new schedule of the anime following the delay:

  • August 3, 2022 - Episode 1 rebroadcast
  • August 10, 2022 - Episode 2 rebroadcast
  • August 17, 2022 - Episode 5 broadcast
  • August 24, 2022 - Episode 6 broadcast
  • August 31, 2022 - Episode 7 broadcast

The broadcast schedule in September will be announced soon on the official anime website and official Twitter.

Given the broadcast delay, the series’ Netflix release outside Japan is also expected to be delayed.

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