TXT Taehyun Workout 2022: How BTS Jungkook Inspired Him To Work Out Hard?



Most, if not all, K-pop idols follow workout routines to stay in shape. TXT Taehyun is no different as he reportedly exercises every single day.

There is little information as to how the 20-year-old artist does his regimens. Nevertheless, it is public knowledge, especially among fans, that he always keeps up with his fitness and health.

Being an icon, performer, and South Korean celebrity are already enough reasons why Taehyun seemingly never misses a workout session. But, he once revealed that he works out hard, especially after a “sweet” and “thoughtful” encounter with BTS Jungkook.

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TXT Taehyun And BTS Jungkook As "Workout Buddies"

Koreaboo previously reported that the TXT member told his fans about the workout he had with the BTS maknae. Although they were doing their own routines, they had finished around the same time, causing them to go to the parking lot together.

During their brief encounter, Taehyun asked Jungkook whether he had spare back gloves because he did not have one. The latter responded that he would leave it in the same place tomorrow for the former.

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The following day, the TOMORROW X TOGETHER idol saw that his hyung left him three pairs of gloves. He shared that Jungkook even left a post-it note with his name on it.

In recalling the events, Taehyun stated that he has since been working out hard because of the very thoughtful gesture. He also noted that he thanked his senior upon their next meeting.

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About The Idol's Meal Consumptions, And Exercising

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the members of TXT talked about their usual meals in a day. A separate report from Koreaboo shared the details of what the idols had revealed.

As stated, Taehyun is the only member of the group who eats dinner “regularly.” He is also the only one who has late-night snacks every day.

The publication, then, said that the TXT idol likes to work out every single day at night. This is likely the reason why he eats at night, possibly for his recovery from an intense exercise session.

Watch this space for more TXT Taehyun news.

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