ASTRO Moonbin Prioritizes Diet Over Products For Skincare

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Credit: ASTRO 아스트로/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO Moonbin is among the K-pop idols who do not make too much fuss about skincare routines. In their group alone, he is one of the members who do not have a unique or shocking step to obtain clear and youthful skin.

The K-pop idol, nevertheless, still takes good care of his skin in his own ways. But, reports said that he focuses on the foods he eats rather than the products he uses.

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Diet Management For Healthy, Clear Skin

Metro Style reported that the ASTRO member manages his diet not only for his fitness and health. It also has something to do with his skincare because his food choices have direct impacts on his skin.

Moonbin is claimed to avoid specific foods and ingredients because of his condition. He reportedly has atopic dermatitis, so he stays away from food allergens as much as possible.

In the page dedicated to him on KProfiles, contributors wrote that the idol's skin gets irritated when he eats too much instant food. This is why minimizing such consumables is part of his day-to-day diet, as well as his overall skincare regimen.

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ASTO Moonbin Does Not Follow Strict Skincare Regimens

Apart from monitoring his food choices, the ASTRO member also uses a proven and tested skincare product as part of his daily routine. He “always” utilizes lotion, according to Allure.

Moonbin told the publication that moisturizing is the “most” essential part of taking care of skin. Although he emphasized that he does not “really care a lot” about having routines or regiments, using lotion has become a focus for him.

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The same outlet noted that lotion is a “thinner version of moisturizer.” In the complete ten-step skincare regimen of many South Koreans, the application of lotions usually comes before that of moisturizers.

The ASTRO idol reportedly applies his chosen facial lotion by “patting several layers” of the product to his face. Although, it remains undisclosed which brand or type of lotion he uses for his skincare.

Watch this space for more ASTRO Moonbin news.


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