BTS Jungkook Style Deemed 'Striking', 'Multi-Faceted'; How To Dress Like 'Golden Maknae'?

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

It is not easy to stand out when it comes to fashion and style in the world of K-pop. But, BTS Jungkook appears to have done so over the years.

Aside from his impeccable visuals and stunning appearance, fans also admire his fashion sense. He seems to have appropriate knowledge of dressing himself and choosing the most suitable clothing pieces that place him in the spotlight.

This is why many individuals across the globe are seemingly eager to know and understand more of his style and sense of fashion.

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About BTS Jungkook Fashion Style

Man of Many asserted that the BTS maknae always manages to have a “unique” style. His fashion is said to be “striking,” which is “enough to quiet a room.”

Although he appears to have specific preferences in terms of the overall look, Jungkook’s style is reportedly “multi-faceted.”

Over the years, fans have seen the K-pop idol donning numerous clothing items and ensembles. On top of that, his hairstyles and dos, as well as the makeup looks, change from time to time, too.

This has led Tatler Asia to conclude that the public can always count on the Golden Maknae to “keep serving quintessential Gen Z looks.”

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Dressing Like The Golden Maknae

To dress like the BTS member, one can seemingly pull it off with a simple set of outfit choices. Reports said that a bowling shirt or a double-breasted button-up gives one the headstart.

As for the bottoms, a pair of denim jeans is the top option. Consequently, complete the look with some sneakers.

It is noted, though, that Jungkook usually wears button-up shirts during warmer months.

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Top Picks For Clothing Labels, Brands

The Still With You singer loves different kinds of clothing brands and labels. For the most luxurious ones, he is reportedly fond of Raf Simons, Gucci, Prada, and Calvin Klein.


Elsewhere in the fashion spectrum, the BTS member also prefers pieces from Topman, H&M, Obey, and WTAPS.

Watch this space for more BTS Jungkook news.

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