TWICE Sana Makeup Tips, Hacks For Brows To Lips Uncovered

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Sana once sat down for an interview and talked about beauty, along with her co-members. Although at the time, she shared that she was “toning down,” she remained “as bubbly as ever,” according to Allure.

In the same engagement, she talked about how she learned to take good care of herself. Moreover, she revealed that she feels “more eccentric” when she gets to experience new beauty looks.

While the Japanese K-pop idol did not go into the specifics of her makeup styles and preferences, her stylist, later on, unveiled details about Sana’s processes. These included how she does her looks, from her brows all the way to her lips.

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TWICE Sana On Her Brows

In 2021, the TWICE member’s makeup stylist, Jeong Yo Won, shared some points as to how the idol usually does her looks. She also gave some hacks and tips for fans wanting to wear the “Sana-like” makeup style.

The expert said that the celebrity wore straight eyebrows during her early debut days. As noted, this gives the “innocent and fresh image.”

But, this has since changed as Sana constantly re-shapes her eyebrows. These days, arches on the lower end have become more apparent to give the “mature” look.

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Complimenting The Eyes With The Right Tones, Shades

For the eyes, Jeong Yo Won revealed that the TWICE member has round-shaped eyes. To make it appear longer, adding a mid-tone shadow at the outer ends is recommendable.

She warned, however, that using too many shades can make the eyes look smaller. Accordingly, if the eyelids are narrow, like Sana’s, applying only a single tone of color is the best way to go.

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For "Plumper" Lips

Sana does not have big lips, as per Jeong Yo Won. But, because of 3D beauty, she is able to make it appear bigger and "plumper."


The makeup stylist revealed that the TWICE member uses a lip tint above her upper lip to give the illusion that she has fuller lips. She noted that those that have bullet brushes are more effective in creating the detail.

Watch this space for more TWICE Sana news.

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