TWICE Nayeon's Infamous Stalker Defends Himself in New YouTube Video; Fans React

Credit: JYP ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JYP ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Nayeon's stalker named Josh defended himself after Jeongyeon's recent revelation about his worrying move.

Last month, Jeongyeon told their fans that Nayeon's stalker was in Korea and managed to get her phone number. This caused fans to feel enraged as there were no measures to prevent him from entering the country due to his disturbing actions toward Nayeon.

Jeongyeon herself warned him, saying she would teach him a lesson.

Over a week after the revelation, he defended himself in a new YouTube video and said he was innocent.

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TWICE Nayeon's Stalker Still Pursues Idol

On Ploopy678's YouTube channel, the YouTuber confronted Nayeon's most infamous stalker, who continuously defended his actions, saying everything could have happened differently if he was only allowed to talk to the idol.

According to Josh, he needs to hear a direct rejection from Nayeon herself. He also assumes that the idol included their story in her song's lyrics.

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In case she rejects him, Josh demands Nayeon to cover part of the "millions" he has already spent while chasing her.

"I will stay there until I have clarity, but I also know where she gets her makeup done and stuff like that. I know where she is from time to time," he said.

See the stalker's interview here.

His interview came after he revealed in a new video that he went back to South Korea before she turned 27. He said he had two birthday gifts for her to make her happy.

Josh's Troubling Obsession Toward Nayeon

Before the recent events happened, Josh first appeared as Nayeon's stalker in September 2019. He stated in his YouTube video that he flew from Germany to South Korea to confess to the idol.

He stayed for one month in the Gangnam district and visited the places Nayeon always goes to. As he failed to contact her, he left his contact and letter to more than 100 stores in the area, showing his alarming behavior.

Josh also boarded the same plane TWICE members were at during a return flight from Japan to Korea. At that time, JYP Entertainment put Nayeon under police protection and took the highest level of legal action.

But until now, Nayeon still suffers from the same stalker, making fans more worried about her.

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