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TWICE Nayeon Talks About Extreme Pressure She Faced As 1st Member To Mark Solo Debut

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Nayeon immediately broke records before and after releasing her first solo album, IM NAYEON.

The highly-anticipated solo debut project of Nayeon took the world by storm as her solo album and its title track, POP!, conquered the global charts instantly.

It was a success for Nayeon and TWICE, especially since the member became the first member to mark her solo debut since the group’s arrival on the music scene in 2015.

But amid the success, she opened up about the real feelings she had after scoring the opportunity.

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TWICE Nayeon Talks About Pressure She Had While Preparing IM NAYEON

After JYP Entertainment released the title track, Nayeon held a press conference to promote her album and shared further details about it.

As reported by SBS News, the Cheer Up singer said that she knows people set an image of her as they are used to seeing TWICE. With that, she reportedly tried hard not to break that image while trying to show another side of herself.

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But as the first member to go solo, Nayeon spoke freely about the pressure she faced.

"Not only did I feel pressured, but I also felt like it was not easy doing everything by myself. That was especially so when I was recording my songs and practicing dance moves,” she said. "There are many members in TWICE, so I've never had to record the whole song by myself nor dance by myself. It turned out I had a fear of singing by myself as well."

TWICE is composed of nine members, and Nayeon serves as the lead vocalist, lead dancer, and center of the group.

TWICE Nayeon Eventually Overcame Pressure

During the same conference, Nayeon opened up about how she overcame the difficulties to successfully launch her solo career.

According to the K-pop star, she spent more time enjoying the whole process instead until she learned to sing in her own way. It already paid off, though, as she also passed her limits with the release of her album.

"With this album, I hope to let everybody know that each TWICE has a different color, and make them look forward to solo albums of other members of TWICE,” she went on.

Nayeon recently reaped the fruit of her hard work by scoring new records.

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