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TWICE Momo Workout 2022: How She Maintains Unreal Proportions Uncovered

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Momo has always been praised and complimented for her proportions since she debuted as a K-pop idol in 2015. But, what appears to be much more impressive is that she has been able to maintain her figure over the years.

With her “insane” and “unreal” figure, many fans wonder how she has obtained and even improved it. Thankfully, the idol has not shied away from sharing her workout secrets, allowing her followers to get in shape like her.

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TWICE Momo And Her Famous Plank Twisters

Momo has a workout regimen that she follows regularly. Kpop Starz said it consists mainly of planks and plank twisters, which has received rave reviews among the public.

The K-pop idol reportedly claims that the routines exercise the core, as well as strengthen the shoulder. Despite it being a challenge, especially for beginners, she pushes herself to do three sets of 50 plank twisters a day.

This means that she does a total of 150 twists every day, making it not surprising that she has been able to maintain her iconic “11” abs, as per the publication.

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Other Body Workout Routines She Does

The TWICE member may have yet to share the exact details of her workout regimen. But, she has posted a few snaps and clips of some of her routines on media platforms.

Koreaboo said the idol has even gone viral a couple of times in the last few years because of her fitness practices. These largely involve her lifting weights and doing pull-ups.

The outlet described the routines as “intense,” adding that Momo continues to surprise fans and followers with her workout sessions.

It later pointed out that, with the idol’s regimen, it is not surprising why she has “unreal proportions” and a “gorgeous figure.”

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Long Hours Of Daily Dance Practices

Apart from the core workout routines, Momo also reportedly has her and the group’s dance rehearsals to thank for, in terms of her fitness sessions.

The TWICE member dances regularly as part of the group’s official rehearsals. But, Health-Yogi claims that the idol adds more hours to her dance practices in every session, allowing her to exercise and burn more calories.

Watch this space for more TWICE Momo news.

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