How Kep1er Yujin Maintains Never-Changing Petite, Slim Figure Explained

Credit: Kep1er/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Kep1er/YouTube Screenshot

Kep1er Yujin has a very petite body frame. It even appears to be one of the things that made her popular among K-pop fans.

Since the idol’s CLC days, the public has referred to her as a member who has a small face, tiny waist, and skinny legs. This seemingly continues to happen now that she is a member and leader of Kep1er.

With Yujin’s never-changing figure and proportions, many wonder how she has maintained them over the years. But, to the surprise of fans and followers, she does not reportedly follow a specific regimen for her diet.

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How Kep1er Yujin Maintains Her Figure

As it happens, the Kep1er leader is among the K-pop idols who do not gain weight no matter what they do or eat. AllKpop previously made a list of the South Korean idols who possess this kind of body structure, and Yujin is included.

The outlet reported that the then-CLC member stood 164 cm tall and weighed 42 kilos. It consequently quoted the K-pop star during a comeback press conference, saying, “I’m the type to not gain weight, so I was lazy with my diet.”

Despite this, Yujin noted that she was still able to maintain her figure.

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Former CLC Co-Members "Envy" Her

Koreaboo released a similar report, listing the Kep1er leader as one of the South Korean celebrities who are famous for their “can’t-gain-weight” body type. It also revealed that the idol’s then-co-members were envious of her because of it.

As claimed, CLC members once shared that Yujin is someone who can “eat a lot but will never gain weight.” They reportedly stated, as well, that the K-pop idol “does not diet but her weight will always be somewhere between 30 kilos [and] 40 kilos.”

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Reports Deem Yujin As A "Hearty Eater"

Kpop Starz previously named the idols who are “hearty eaters.” Yujin is also included in the list, noting that, despite her appetite, she does not gain weight at all.

On K Profiles’ dedicated page for the Kep1er leader, it says that eating is one of her “favorite things” to do. As for her favorite foods and snacks, the list includes fried chicken, chicken feet, ramen, cake, mint chocolate, and dipping sauces.

Watch this space for more Kep1er Yujin news.

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