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TWICE Jeongyeon Melts Fans With Heartfelt Surprise For Girl Group's 6th Anniversary

TWICE Jeongyeon
Credit: JYP Entertainement

TWICE Jeongyeon got up and joined the girl group members in celebrating their 6th anniversary.

Before the scheduled anniversary celebration, fans were worried that the girl group might be incomplete as both Jeongyeon and Tzuyu were absent during the 8th E-Daily Culture awards. They also performed Dance The Night Away without them during the concert gala.

While Nayeon assured fans Tzuyu would join the anniversary celebration, no one spoke whether Jeongyeon would be there, too. But maybe, as part of their gift to ONCE, TWICE appeared as OT9 during their 6th-anniversary celebration.

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TWICE Marks 6th Anniversary With Complete Members

On Wednesday, all members of TWICE marked their sixth anniversary since their debut through H9MEPARTY WITH 9NCE. As a tradition, they dressed up in Halloween costumes again and flaunted what they prepared for their fans – from a Hulk costume to a cup of instant noodles.

They decided to set number "6" as this year's official team, which reads "yuk" in Korean, and based their costumes on it.

Amid the success of Squid Game, Chaeyoung wore her series' pink costume but had a hexagon on her mask instead. Ji Hyo chose to be a da-yuk-ie (succulent). Dahyun, on the other hand, decided to be geun-yeuk or Incredible Yuk – whichever is better.

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Momo and Sana, as well as Nayeon and Mina, decided to cosplay in pairs and wore a giant spicy stew cup and baby stroller, respectively. Tzuyu did not want to complicate things that she wore her Idol Star Athletic Championships' archery costume.

Last but not least, Jeongyeon came in her dinosaur costume.

What Happened To TWICE Jeongyeon?

TWICE Jeongyeon Heart Shaker
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Credit: JYP Entertainment
TWICE Jeongyeon attended girl group's anniversary celebration despite health issues.

Ahead of the girl group's anniversary, Jeongyeon suffered from criticisms due to her recent weight gain. Close-up photos of her wearing the dress from The Feels went viral this week and caused the K-pop idol to suffer from body-shaming issues.

Fans, however, defended her as Jeongyeon only gained weight due to the medications she takes for her neck injury and anxiety. Despite her health issues, the K-pop idol tried her best to join the anniversary party and celebrate like nothing is wrong with her.

Following her reappearance, Jeongyeon gained positive comments from fans, assuring her they would always be there through ups and downs.

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