TWICE Jeongyeon Real Health Status Revealed By YouTuber Lee Jin Ho

Credit: JYP ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JYP ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Jeongyeon is currently facing health issues that are now keeping her from performing with the girl group.

Ahead of TWICE’s scheduled Seoul concerts on December 25 and 26, JYP Entertainment confirmed that only eight members would be able to perform due to Jeongyeon’s current case. The agency revealed in its statement that it came up with the decision after a discussion with the members and the K-pop idol herself.

It remains unknown what happened to Jeongyeon this time. However, a YouTuber recently shared a revelation about the idol’s case and why she chose to skip the concerts.

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Jeongyeon’s Weight Gain Has Something To Do With Her Absence

On Wednesday, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho uploaded the video TWICE’s Jeongyeon, unfortunate health condition.. The real reason for gaining weight.

The reporter started his video by saying that Jeongyeon had to be excluded from promotions again due to health reasons. Per Lee Jin Ho, it must have been hard for fans to understand and accept the news about the idol’s absence, especially since it was announced four days before the concert.

He cited Jeongyeon’s statements in her recent interviews and broadcasts, saying she is excited to perform again after completely recovering. But JYP Entertainment’s recent cancelation of her appearance seemingly hinted at one thing – her weight gain.

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“Actually, officials also pointed out that ‘Jeongyeon is having difficulties due to the side effects of the drug’. Jeongyeon was also caught eating much more food than before,” he said.

Lee Jin Ho added that the increase in her weight was due to several things: her disc surgery and the drugs she takes that cause edema. He then expressed his concerns about Jeongyeon’s mental health that worsens whenever she is just in the waiting rooms or backstage while the other members are performing.

As of the writing, his claims should be taken with a grain of salt as the agency has not confirmed the exact health issues the K-pop idol is facing right now.

Jeongyeon’s Health Issues Explored

Jeongyeon started to suffer from her health issues after struggling with psychological anxiety and herniated discs following an injury.

She, fortunately, came back to promote Taste of Love with the members and managed to lose 8 kg again. However, she showed an obvious weight gain again during Alcohol Free era, with fans assuming that it was because of her medications.

It remains unknown whether she still takes medications for her neck injury and anxiety issues. But fans can do nothing but pray for her recovery to join the group again.

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