TWICE Chaeyoung Expresses True Self With Makeup, Style

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Expressing one’s “true self” plays an integral part in the life of TWICE Chaeyoung. In her interviews, she always emphasizes the importance of it, as well as the ways she does it in the world of K-pop.

Speaking to Allure in 2020, the South Korean artist revealed that in her career, she, alongside the rest of the group, has to stick with certain concepts and styles. But, outside of her work, she takes it as a chance to “show” her “truest self.”

Chaeyoung noted that she does them by donning various looks and styles. She revealed that she likes the “unpopular look,” those that are “very colorful” and “a little weird.”

This likely explains why the K-pop idol’s makeup styles always catch the attention of the public. Although, she pointed out that she only uses lipsticks, specifically “nude” tones, when not on stage.

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The Idol's Top "Artistic" Makeup Looks

Over the years, the TWICE rapper has continued to wear striking makeup looks, which fans and followers have always praised.

Koreaboo previously listed some of the most “artistic” styles she donned on stage during performances and engagements.

Some of these looks include her neon lashes, sparkly eye jewels, and colored eyeliners. While these are not too uncommon in the world of K-pop, she appears to have taken these styles to a different level.

Apart from using vibrant and pastel tones of eyeliners and eyeshadows, Chaeyoung also styles them in a very unique manner. Moreover, she completes the look with her outfit preferences, as well as her choice of poise and stage presence.

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Moments TWICE Chaeyoung Had The "Most Beautiful," Iconic Visuals

A separate report from Koreaboo previously recalled some of the TWICE member’s most stunning visuals on stage performances and public appearances. The list appears to have featured some of the idol’s unique and striking makeup styles.

These include Chaeyoung’s elongated cat-eyeliner, “Joker”-inspired look with matching clothes and hair, glittery bottom lashes, and even the one-color-for-all makeup look, which seemingly is the simplest style she has donned, at times.


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