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The Last of Us Pedro Pascal Shares How Bella Ramsey Helped Him As Joel: “There Was An Immediate Bond”

With HBO’s The Last of Us simply a month away, the series continues to receive utmost support and highest anticipation for its game-accurate adaptation. The Last of Us comes from the 2013 video game bearing the same name developed by Naughty Dog. We’ll be seeing Pedro Pascal as the live-action Joel Miller with Bella Ramsey as Ellie. Alongside them, we’ll also be seeing Ellie’s game voice actor Ashley Johnson as Ellie’s mother, with Joel’s game voice actor Troy Baker in a mystery role but depicted to be one of the members on the group of cannibals.

During a panel at Brazil’s Comic-Con Experience (via The Last of Us official Twitter account), Pedro Pascal opens up on how co-star Bella Ramsey makes things easier on set. Check out his full quote below:

“It helped a lot to have Bella Ramsey navigate the world of The Last of Us. We were stepping into this experience at the same time… there was an immediate bond.”

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There is no doubt that their now forming and shared bond will benefit hugely in the series, seeing as fans are looking forward to seeing how closely accurate the series adaptation will be.

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In fact, previously, while Bella Ramsey admitted to never playing The Last of Us (as she was encouraged not to), she had also expressed how close she has gotten with old Game of Thrones co-star Pedro Pascal. The soon-to-be Joel Miller actor even wrote her an endearing little card that said, “How interesting that something so huge and life-changing should happen so early in your life and so late in mine.”

The Last of Us is slated for release on HBO on January 15, 2023.

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