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Tomo-chan's Misuzu Messy Hair Look Drives Fans Wild After Episode 2

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Tomo-chan Is a Girl! Episode 2 aired recently, and it got a lot of fans excited for the debut of Carol Olston. Though there were also many Tomo-chan fans driven wild by Misuzu Gundou’s messy hair moment.

The show’s second episode featured two main storylines, both of which saw Misuzu’s heavy involvement. Though it was the second storyline that caught fans’ attention and turned them into Misuzu stans.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! Episode 2 in this article.

Tomo-chan Episode 2 Recap

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Episode 2 started with the Tomo’s Skirt story where things become awkward between Tomo and Junichiro when he asks Tomo to stop wearing skirts after being groped on the bus.

Misuzu deviously tells Tomo to try wearing her skirt without shorts in response.

In the next storyline entitled The School’s Idol, viewers are introduced to the cutesy and chaotic Carol Olston, a half-English classmate of Tomo who misunderstands and hates her at first.

Carol mistakenly believed that Tomo likes Kousuke who is betrothed to Carol.

She ends up talking to Misuzu who tells her to seek advice from Junichiro in another one of her harebrained schemes.

Next, we see Tomo spotting Carol brazenly approaching Junichiro. In shock, she shakes Misuzu in disbelief, asking her if she saw what happened and what this meant.

Thus, we see Misuzu with her hair all messy. This awakened something in many fans who were watching.

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Misuzu’s Messy Hair Moment

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It’s not a big part of the episode, but many fans were struck by a mix of attraction and fear for Misuzu upon seeing her in that scene.

Specifically, a Tomo-chan viewer on Reddit noted how the image of Misuzu with her hair in her mouth led to a visceral reaction, which many other fans concurred with.

It’s not just on Reddit though as there were also lots of fans on Twitter who shared their love for Misuzu after the second episode.

It seems that Misuzu’s charms aren’t just for fans, as there are also many guys in the anime who have fallen for her.

One of those is Tatsumi whom we saw in Episode 1. It was also revealed that Misuzu and Junichiro briefly dated. The episode ended with this bombshell reveal which shocked Tomo.

This revelation will likely be addressed in the next Tomo-chan Is a Girl! episode which will stream on Crunchyroll next week.

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