Tom Hardy Could Return As Venom In Sony's Spider-verse Films

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The premiere of Venom is still a few months away. Nevertheless, it looks like Sony is already planning for Tom Hardy to reprise his role as Eddie Brock in the future Spider-verse movies.

Venom certainly appears to be headed for box-office success. The reaction to the second trailer has been promising and fans are already looking forward to the film. Interestingly, Esquire's recent profile on Hardy strongly suggested that there will be sequels and future appearances from Hardy in the other films in the new Spider-verse.


The magazine detailed Sony's plans for "a franchise of interconnected Spider-Man-related movies" that could be kickstarted by Hardy's Venom. Although the actor that the studio's concerns are not his business and are "irrelevant," the article does confirm that Hardy "may well appear" in Sony's Spider-verse films.

Hardy could end up being a very busy man if Sony needs Eddie Brock in the future Spider-verse movies. Although it is unlikely that he will show up in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the studio could slip Hardy into the planned Silver & Black film and Jared Leto's Morbius. Sony might even decide for Venom and Kraven the Hunter to team up if it the other Spider-Man villain needs extra star power.

It might be too soon to expect Hardy to pop up in every Spider-verse film. However, fans can look forward to a Venom sequel if the first film turns out to be a big hit in the box office.

Venom is directed by Ruben Fleischer. The movie also stars Golden Globe awardee Michelle Williams and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor Riz Ahmed.

Venom is scheduled for premiere on October 5.

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