Tom Cruise Rumored To Be The Leading Candidate To Play The DCEU’s Green Lantern

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It might come as a surprise to DC fans, but rumor has it that Warner Brothers might actually be bringing in an A-list star when they remake the Green Lantern Corps.

According to a blind item report by celebrity rumor site, Crazy Days and Nights, Mission: Impossible franchise star Tom Cruise has recently been in talks with Warner Brothers to become the new Green Lantern of the DC Extended Universe.

The only thing getting in the way is that the studio has a script where Green Lantern gets killed sometime in the movie – something which Cruise isn't really interested in. Until Warner Brothers changes that portion of the film, then Cruise has no intention of taking on the ring to become the DCEU's Green Lantern.


This is pretty interesting news. Sure, as a rumor, fans ought to take the report with a grain of salt, but if proven to be true, then it seems like Warner Brothers is aiming for one of the biggest Hollywood faces for the role of Green Lantern and they're willing to spend money to make sure an A-lister like Cruise is part of their superhero franchise. Cruise can't possibly be any cheap, not with his A-list reputation.

Though having Cruise might mean a character with a little bit of age, it'd definitely be interesting to seet he action star make his way to the comic book movie genre, especially in a role that's had a lot of criticism before with Ryan Reynolds version of the character.

What do you think? Would you like to have Tom Cruise as the DCEU's new Green Lantern?

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