Tom Brady Fails To Seduce Gisele Bundchen? NFL Superstar Reportedly Feels 'Lonely And Abandoned'

Credit: Maize & Blue Nation, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped

Credit: Maize & Blue Nation, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped

Tom Brady sparked ridicule, as well as fears he is cracking up as he faces life sans Gisele Bundchen and his children, after he posted a photo of himself in his underwear, a new report claimed.

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Tom Brady Feels Lonely After Gisele Bundchen Divorce?

The NFL superstar reportedly feels sad after his shocking split from his supermodel ex-wife. A source told National Enquirer:

“Without football to lose himself in anymore, he’s feeling lonely and abandoned. He wanted Gisele to see what she was missing but wound up embarrassing himself.”

NFL players, including his former backup Matt Cassel, openly mocked the recently retired quarterback. “When does your Depends line drops?” Brady’s former co-player wrote on Twitter.

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Most, if not all, fans can recall that Brady shockingly postponed his whopping $375 million broadcasting gig at FOX Sports in a desperate bid to win back Bundchen and rebuild their family, which included kids Vivian and Benjamin.

An insider said:

“The biggest obstacle between them was Gisele’s complaints Tom was putting football before family, so he decided to show her he’s willing to focus on them before taking the job at FOX. His only goal right now is to get his family back.”

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However, it does not help that sex-starved Bundchen has been getting hot and heavy with hunky trainer Joaquim Valente.

Previous reports suggested that Brady and Bundchen were not intimate for at least ten months before their divorce last fall. But Brady may have scored with his Hail Mary pass, even in his underwear.

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The anger of Bundchen reportedly appears to have waned, and a friend claims she was “his rock” when he decided to retire again. The informant claimed that things are “cordial” between Brady and Bundchen.

However, Brady allegedly has a long field ahead of him, and insiders suggest he has lost his mojo. An insider said:

“People are watching him unravel in front of their eyes and there are real fears he’s headed for a total disaster.”

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Gisele Bundchen Shows Tom Brady What He’s Missing

Meanwhile, Bundchen was seen enjoying time in her home country Brazil last weekend for the Rio de Janeiro carnival. The ex-ladylove of Brady documented the revelry via her Instagram account and appeared to thoroughly enjoy herself with pals in the streets of the capital city.

With a snap of her sexy costume, the supermodel wrote on Instagram:

"It was so special to return to Carnival and honor this beautiful celebration of our Brazilian culture.”

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The ex-Victoria Secret angel also shared a story of her dancing with pals during the parade. Despite donning high heels, the ex-wife of Brady, who could not understand how she could move her feet so quickly, impressed everyone with her dance moves.

Tom Brady has yet to comment on the claims that he is trying to seduce Gisele Bundchen by posting a sexy photo on social media. So, devoted supporters of the NFL superstar should take all these unverified reports with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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