Prince William Wants Harry Out Of His Sight At King Charles' Coronation? Monarch Reportedly Giving Sussexes Perks Except This

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Many royal followers are looking forward to the upcoming coronation of King Charles on May 6. Not only will this mean another milestone in his life but it also be a perfect time for the British royal family -- especially Prince William and Prince Harry -- to gather around to support the new monarch despite their differences.

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Prince William Doesn’t Want Prince Harry Near Him At King Charles’ Coronation?

Details about King Charles’ imminent coronation remain scarce as of this writing. However, a new report suggested that big coronation decisions had just been made.

It was claimed that Queen Consort Camilla would wear the crown of Queen Mary sans its controversial Koh-I-Noor diamond, at the event to be held in Westminster Abbey. There are also reports saying that Prince William had made it clear to King Charles that he does not want Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to get an invite at all.

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If Prince William cannot get his way on that, then he reportedly “doesn’t want to breathe the same air as them.” Royal courtiers are allegedly busy drawing up a contingency plan should Prince Harry and Meghan Markle show up at King Charles’ coronation.

A tipster told New Idea:

“They’re trying to figure out a place for them to sit, meters away from the Waleses, preferably not in William’s eyeline. Which isn’t easy given Wills doesn’t even like being in the same room as his brother.”

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Palace Giving Prince Harry Incentives To Attend King Charles’ Coronation?

Meanwhile, the palace is said to be giving away some perks to Prince Harry just to secure his attendance at the forthcoming coronation of King Charles in May. Aside from getting high-profile seating at the ceremony, the brother of Prince William was allegedly promised that he and Meghan Markle would get to keep their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles.

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The Daily Express, however, reported that King Charles is unlikely to grant Prince Harry’s request for a face-to-face meeting ahead of the May 6 event. Royal correspondent Tom Skyes claims a close pal of the monarch said:

“Charles adores Harry and wants him to be there. But he has a Coronation to organize. He simply won’t have the time to organize a special meeting with Harry.”

Royal commentator Daniela Esler suggested the inability of King Charles to meet Prince Harry to talk through the familial problems the duke raised in his book is a “burn” to his younger son.

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She said:

“Charles has reportedly refused to blink in the trans-Atlantic showdown he is currently locked into with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and won’t be acceding to his bolter of a son’s number one demand. The simple reason? Charles is too busy.”

Others claimed that King Charles’ rejection to have an in-person sit-down with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be the nail in the coffin for them attending the coronation. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have until early April to submit their RSVP for the event, which is happening in six weeks.

Prince William has yet to comment on the claims that he does not want to see Prince Harry at King Charles’ coronation. So, avid followers of the Prince of Wales should take all these unverified reports with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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