Tokyo Revengers: When Will Takemichi Become Stronger?

Tokyo Revengers: When Will Takemichi Become Stronger? Takemichi
Credit: Liden Films

Tokyo Revengers: When Will Takemichi Become Stronger? Takemichi
Credit: Liden Films

Ken Wakui's Tokyo Revengers manga series may be finished, but for anime fans, things are just getting started as Takemichi assumes command of Toman's first division in the second season. But now that he has a reputation to live up to, when will Takemichi become stronger in Tokyo Revengers?

Spoiler Alert: There are Tokyo Revengers manga spoilers ahead that have not yet been covered in the anime adaptation.

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How Strong Is Early-Series Takemichi?

Takemichi Hanagaki is a typical middle school delinquent in the early story arcs of Tokyo Revengers, except he is stronger than Akkun and his circle of friends. Among their group, Takemichi is strong enough to be recognized as the founding member of their own gang at school.

With his pompadour hair, baggy pants, and unbuttoned uniform, Takemichi Hanagaki is an average delinquent who thinks highly of himself.

Since no one at his school can match his strength, Takemichi decides to find another fight outside that will make him feel superior to before.

Unfortunately, Takemichi learned his lesson the hard way after messing up with Kiyomasa and his group.

Takemichi's glory days were cut short as he became Kiyomasa's punching bag, including for his friends.

How Strong Is Early-Series Takemichi? Takemichi
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Credit: Liden Films

At that point, Takemichi realized that there were far more strong leaders than him, including the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Draken, and Mikey.

In one of Kiyomasa’s arranged betting fights, Takemichi’s mental fortitude and tank-like durability impressed Mikey and Draken.

Mikey was even reminded of his late brother, Shinichiro, by Takemichi's refusal to give up in a fight.

Since then, Takemichi has been pitted against more vigorous opponents such as Osanai, Kazutora, Taiju, and many others. Too bad, he has always ended up face-planted on the ground or in the hospital.

It's not that he was a useless fighter; it's just that everyone is stronger than him.

How Strong Is Early-Series Takemichi? Takemichi
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Credit: Liden Films

What he lacks in physical strength, he makes up for with a strong mentality that can inspire anyone who sees his determination even in the face of adversity.

Still, a version of Takemichi who can hold his own in a fight would be one of the most exciting developments in Tokyo Revengers.

If Takemichi can build strength and learn how to fight properly, he will be an unstoppable force capable of wearing down his opponents' dexterity over time.

What is certain is that Takemichi Hanagaki would undoubtedly win in a battle of stamina and perseverance at the end of the day.

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How Strong Is Late-Series Takemichi?

Even at this point, Takemichi Hanagaki resembles the Takemichi of the early series. He is still a crybaby, and he is constantly beaten up by the other characters in Tokyo Revengers.

For some, this means that Takemichi's character development is the worst in the series, but for others, it serves as the point of his character.

Simply put, Takemichi embodies the phrase "never give up," and he is only expected to face more difficulties as the plot progresses.

Regardless, Takemichi's determination and perseverance reached a new level of intensity, even at gunpoint. He is more willing to change the future, even if it means risking his life to save Hina, Hakkai, Emma, Mikey, and even Kisaki.

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Most notably, Takemichi gained the ability to see briefly into the future. By the end of the manga, his foresight has grown so much that he can dodge Mikey's attacks in order to land a powerful punch on his face.

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So, When Will Takemichi Become Stronger?

Takemichi never grew physically stronger, but when it comes to mental strength, he is clearly the strongest of all the characters in Tokyo Revengers, including Mikey, Izana, and even South Terano.

Taking this into consideration, physical strength is not the only criterion for being considered strong in Tokyo Revengers.

If things were different, Takemichi would have the same story as Mikey, Draken, and the other characters.

Anime fans hoping for Takemichi to level up with the other characters and learn how to fight on the same ground as them will be disappointed.

In fact, Takemichi's strongest punch in the series landed on Mikey's face after 270 chapters, and that may be his only highlight in terms of combat ability.

Takemichi, on the other hand, demonstrated his tank-like durability from start to finish.

His dexterity is unrivaled, and his determination is unparalleled, both of which are expected of him in any case.

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