Today's Webtoon: Kim Sejeong Has Different Chemistry With Co-Stars Choi Daniel, Nam Yoon Su

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Today’s Webtoon will reveal the relationship On Ma Eum (Kim Sejeong) has with Seok Ji Hyung (Choi Daniel) and Goo Joon Young (Nam Yoon Su).

Today’s Webtoon is the upcoming Korean remake of the popular 2016 Japanese drama, about a former judo athlete who dreams of becoming part of the Olympics. However, an accident leads her to sustain an injury that affects her dreams.

But due to her love for webtoons, she becomes part of the webtoon editorial department, but the rookie employee still faces hardships in the industry.


As she searches for a new dream, will On Ma Eum develop a love triangle with Seok Ji Hyung and Goo Joon Young?

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On Ma Eum’s Relationships With Seok Ji Hyuk, Goo Joon Young Revealed In New Stills

Naver shared the photos released by the upcoming drama series. The pictures in question reveal On Ma Eum’s different relationships with Seok Ji Hyung and Goo Joon Young.


Choi Daniel’s character becomes On Ma Eum’s dependable mentor who helps her as she embarks on her journey in her new career. He has a soft spot for the former judo player as she reminds him of his days as a first-time employee.

Meanwhile, her relationship with Goo Joon Young remains a mystery as the photo shows the male character looking irritated when he sees her in a department store.

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The production team noted that the relationship with colleagues is one of the most vital things an office worker should always think of.

“There will be an entertaining time of empathy where real office workers will watch while nodding their head [in agreement with the plot developments],” it went on.

Today’s Webtoon Main Cast Members

Aside from On Ma Eum, the drama also introduced Choi Daniel and Nam Yoon Su’s characters.


Choi Daniel’s Seok Ji Hyung is a deputy editor who always wears unpredictable facial emotions. He takes good care of his younger colleagues and webtoon writers, transforming him into a dependable mentor for On Ma Eum.

Meanwhile, Nam Yoon Su’s Goo Joon Young is On Ma Eum’s co-worker with a 150 IQ score. He strives to become the best as the spotlight helps him score people’s attention.

Fans will get to know more of them in the upcoming drama. Today’s Webtoon will premiere on July 29 at 10:00 p.m. KST.

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