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Today's Webtoon Episode 14 Recap: Kim Do Hoon’s Trauma Barges Back As His Mother Returns to His Life + Kim Sejeong Rescues Him

Credit: SBS CATCH/YouTube Screenshot

Today’s Webtoon Episode 14 introduces Shin Dae Ryuk’s mother, who returns to meet him but triggers the webtoon artist’s trauma instead.

Today’s Webtoon is an ongoing K-drama series based on the Japanese hit series, Sleepeeer Hit!

It tells the story of On Ma Eum, a former judo athlete who gives up her Olympic dreams after an accident. As she takes on a new role as a webtoon editor, the series shares the competitive nature of job postings in South Korea, especially in the webtoon industry.

What happened in Today’s Webtoon Episode 14? Continue reading to know more!

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Today’s Webtoon Episode 14 Recap

As Shin Dae Ryuk tries hard to overcome his trauma, his mother, Kang Kyung Ja, suddenly appears in the Neon webtoon service department’s office. She tries to know Shin Dae Ryuk’s address, but On Ma Eum refuses to do so because of the webtoon artist’s trauma.

While working on Webtoon Feeb, Shin Dae Ryuk suddenly experiences a block that affects his capacity to continue working on his story. On Ma Eum continues to help him, but she also notices something wrong with Baek Eo Jin.

To resolve his issue, On Ma Eum brings Im Dong Hee to him, who wants to work for him as an assistant. However, he says that the artist’s block might be caused by a psychological issue. Kang Kyung Ja, on the other hand, finds Shin Dae Ryuk, but her son immediately rejects her. It turns out that the matriarch is actually dying.

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After persuading Shin Dae Ryuk, he agrees to meet his mother as long as On Ma Eum is beside him.

Amid the mother-and-son issue, a malicious post about Shin Dae Ryuk emerges, claiming that he molested a woman. This makes On Ma Eum to think of ways to resolve these. The new issue makes Webtoon Feeb to flop.

On Ma Eum’s sister, On Nu Ri, decides to help her under Webtoon Witch’s YouTube Channel, to find the videos and pictures of the incident. Finally, someone shares a video of the assault to prove Shin Dae Ryuk’s innocence.

It turns out that Heo Gwan Young tasked him to share the post. But Yoon Tae Hee involves Neon Legal Team, shaking the director.

The webtoon artist then learns that his mother has Alzheimer’s disease. On Ma Eum also tells him what happened when a fire broke inside Shin Dae Ryuk’s home when he was a kid. The incident, which he caused while he was playing, led his mother to decide to chain him. The trauma also caused him to forget about it, but his mother started blaming himself for not taking care of him at all.

Shin Dae Ryuk finally comes to his mother and reconciles with her.

Today’s Webtoon Episode 15 Release Date and Time

Today’s Webtoon episode 15 will be released on September 16 at 10:00 PM KST.

Here’s a glance at Today’s Webtoon episode 15 release date and time in other regions:

Central Time: 8:00 AM (September 16)

Greenwich Mean Time: 01:00 PM (September 16)

Eastern Time: 9:00 AM (September 16)

Pacific Time: 6:00 AM (September 16)

Philippine Time: 9:00 PM (September 16)

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