To Your Eternity Episode 19 RELEASE DATE and TIME, COUNTDOWN

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To Your Eternity Episode 18 has just been released. Season 1 is wrapping fast, with Fushi experiencing loss once more. I won't lie, it does feel less poignant after the third time, as I needed more time to bond with these people and understand why their lives became so irrevocably entwined with Fushi's.

This doesn't negate the fact that To Your Eternity is one of the best anime of 2021 - I do hope for a surprise in the two remaining episodes, and a future Season 2 wouldn't be far-fetched either since I don't think the Nokkers situation will wrap up smoothly.

Can't wait? Keep reading. Below, you'll find our handy guide to To Your Eternity Episode 19, including the 20-episode show's release date, airing time, and more!


To Your Eternity Episode 18 Recap

To Your Eternity Episode 19 Release Date and Time
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Credit: Brain's Base

To Your Eternity is adapting an award-winning manga series written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Oima, who is also the author of A Silent Voice. In it, we follow the story of a mysterious immortal being who first comes to the earth nameless and emotionless. The being, who comes to be known as Fushi can take any form but starts with no identity and becomes increasingly human through stimulation.


Warning: If you have yet to watch To Your Eternity Episode 18 you might want to skip to the next section as there will be spoilers below.

Tonari goes back to the island to save Fushi but finds that he has already escaped. As they make it to the boat, though, Fushi's creator informs him that the Nokkers returned. This time, they emerged from a dead pit, using the bodies of the dead to trap their victims.

Despite Tonari's protests, Fushi runs to the islanders' aid, and she decides to follow him. Much to their shock, they find that their young friends also remained behind - and prove to be a huge help, until Oopa is killed by the knockers. Mia attempts to help her, only to be fatally wounded herself.

Once more, Fushi loses some of his forms to the Nokkers. Uroy takes it upon himself to save the day, forcing Fushi to flee and dying in the process.

Now, if I say I haven't come to care about these kids, even a bit, I would be lying. I love the concept of a found family even when it's cliched. For that alone, I'll withhold my criticism, as I love To Your Eternity and still want to believe something different will happen this time that will surprise me, That being said, I do want the anime to do better in the next two episodes, as I feel more work should have been put on Fushi's relationship with the young prisoners - and their inevitable demise.

To Your Eternity Episode 19Release Date

To Your Eternity Episode 19 Release Date and Time 1
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To Your Eternity

Episode 19, ominously titled "Wandering Bloodlust," is going to be released in one week, on Monday the 23rd of August.



users will be able to watch Episode 19 immediately upon release as a SimulCast. If you're streaming your free, you'll have to wait a bit longer, likely an extra week, and there will be ads. Episode 18 should be available to all by August 23.

To Your Eternity Episode 19 Release Time

To Your Eternity Episode 19 Release Date and Time 2
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To Your Eternity Episode 19 is coming out next Monday, August 23, at 10:50 PM JST. If the above timeline remains correct, Fumetsu no Anata e Episode 19 will air in different time zones as follows, according to Crunchyroll:

Pacific Time: 9:30 AM
Central Time: 11:30 AM
Eastern Time: 12:30 PM
British Time: 5:30 PM

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To Your EternityEpisode 19COUNTDOWN

To Your Eternity Episode 19 Release Date


The penultimate To Your Eternity episode is just a week away! Other anime to watch this season include Re-Main and Scarlet Nexus.