Titans’ Beast Boy Actor Responds To Fans Harassing Titan’s Starfire

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DC fans might be showing some interest over Warner Brother's upcoming DC Universe series, Titans, however, it seems like the excitement over the upcoming live-action Teen Titans web series is being soured by constant complaints about the show's Starfire played by Anna Diop.

Fans questioned Diop's casting, however, while some of the criticisms were legitimate concerns about whether or not the series was being faithful to the source material, others just made fun of what the actress looked like as Starfire. Not only have they been insulting Diop for her casting, but they've also been personally attacking the actress online.

Speaking in an interview with AP, Titans' Beastboy actor Ryan Potter has come to Diop's defense, saying that fans shouldn't harass actors or actresses just because they're a person of color.


"There's a lot of fan cultures that I'm a part of and fandoms that I'm a part of and . . . ultimately if you're a fan of a project, yeah, you're gonna take it apart to its core and you're gonna criticize it 'cause you, as a fan, love it and want it to be better and it could potentially be better. But at the end of the day, you don't harass the actors and actresses for being a certain race or for doing a certain character. That doesn't make any sense to me. These are people doing a job."

According to Potter, while constructive criticism is always welcome, it isn't right to harass and target anyone online.

"That's the whole point of America, you know? Freedom of speech. To a certain degree. You know? Targeting, especially people of color, online . . . It's absolutely mind-boggling to me that this is acceptable."

Potter makes a pretty good point. Fans can give out criticism all they want – there's nothing wrong with a little bit of constructive criticism to help steer a project in the right direction. However, things can turn pretty toxic when fans decide to insult and harass actors, actresses, and directors instead of giving objective criticism.

Hopefully, things begin changing for the better.

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