Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Drops F-Bomb in Latest Training Video

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Thor star Chris Hemsworth has trained rigorously for his highly-anticipated return as the God of Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder and judging by the set photos we've seen so far, he's looking more jacked than ever, clearly hinting that his "fat and depressed" counterpart Bro Thor from Avengers: Endgame won't be heavily featured in the film. It's also looking pretty evident that Hemsworth's new and improved version of Thor will draw massive inspiration from Marvel's Thunderstrike run in the '90s.

Now, speaking of Odinson's training routine, we've all seen Hemsworth's awe-inspiring workout videos on his social media accounts and they've all been pretty intense. This time around though, the Australian actor is taking things a little lighter by releasing a wacky new video of himself to promote his health and wellness application Centr.

Taking to his official Instagram page, Chris unveiled a new video advertisement for the said app where his face is seen edited onto other people's bodies as they open up about their health and fitness regimens while casually insulting the Avengers actor. What's even funnier is that Hemsworth drops some casual F-bombs and swear words in the video. Check it out here:


Meanwhile, a lot of people don't realize it but the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder will mark Hemsworth's fourth standalone project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making him the first actor to achieve the feat. While we don't know the extent of his current MCU contract, it's safe to assume that Chris isn't going anywhere and when the dust settles, he might end up going for Thor 5 for all we know.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit cinemas in 2022.

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