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Thor: Love and Thunder's Chris Hemsworth Looks Glorious as Thunderstrike in Epic New Image

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Credit: Marvel Studios

The God of Thunder has undergone several unique changes over the course of his journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if you were thinking Avengers: Endgame's "Bro Thor" (more commonly referred to by fans as Fat Thor) was already his most dramatic and epic transformation, you're in for a treat come Thor: Love and Thunder as the mighty one are set for another physical makeover.

We reported earlier this week that several set images have already surfaced online featuring the cast of the upcoming MCU flick. Taking a close look at the images, it seems like Chris Hemsworth, who looks a lot beefier than ever, by the way, will be taking inspiration from Thor's Thunderstrike run which began in the late 1980s.

The Thunderstrike look is an interesting one as it seems to merge the God of Thunder's iconic comics get-up with a little bit of glam rock but somehow, it totally works. Now, in case you were wondering how Hemsworth would look like in all his Thunderstrike glory, digital artist @ultrawraw26 unveiled an epic fan art giving Thor arguably his coolest MCU look to date. Check it out here:

Sure, it looks amazing and all but it's an intriguing design choice, to say the least, considering Odinson never took on the mantle of Thunderstrike in the Marvel Universe, instead it was a character named Eric Masterson who became Thor's "replacement" at one point in the comics. I'm guessing they'll try to retcon the character for the MCU and honestly, I have zero complaints.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit cinemas in 2022.

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