31 May 2016 12:52 PM +00:00 UTC

These Kids Dressed Up As Padawans, Played Violins With Lightsaber Bows in Awesome Star Wars Tribute

During Memorial Day, a group of kids dressed up as padawans and wielded lightsabers, but instead of using their lightsabers as weapons, they played their violins.

A video on Facebook was recently uploaded by Jake Hamilton of Fox 32 Chicago, showing kids paying tribute to Star Wars by playing a score from the movies with their violins and all dressed up as padawans.

The string performance is exceptional, and topping the performance off fully clothed as padawans and playing with lightsaber violin bows made the recital so much more amazing.

Check it out for yourself:



It’s not uncommon for Star Wars fans to show their passion for the saga with stunning artwork, crafts, and performances, but it’s still nice to see a new generation of fans able to appreciate what Star Wars represents, and in a way continue its legacy.


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