Theros Beyond Death's Lack of Story Disappoints Magic: The Gathering Fans

Ever since Wizards of the Coast revealed the official summary of Theros Beyond Death's story, Magic: The Gathering fans have been expressing their disappointment for the upcoming set's lack of story. The mysterious official trailer that premiered at the 2019 The Game Awards got us hyped for the story, but there's no novel or a series of short stories to flesh it out, just a summary composed of 1,016 words, and fans are complaining on social media about it.

You can check out the reactions of fans over Twitter below:

When MTG head designer Mark Rosewater was asked if the lack of story in Theros Beyond Death is the new norm, he answered on his Blogatog: "It's not".

A Redditor even brought up a theory that WotC had the same author as the controversial War of the Spark: Forsaken novel, Greg Weisman, write a novel for Theros Beyond Death, and they're doing damage control by not releasing it, but of course, there's no confirmation that this is actually the case.

Well, at least WotC sponsored a video about the story of Theros Beyond Death from YouTuber Dicebreaker:

There are even some writers like ADashofStarshine writing fan fiction to fill the void of Theros Beyond Death's Vorthos.

What do you think about the lack of story in Theros Beyond Death?

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