The Witcher To Reveal Something Big Tomorrow

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Expect something big from the world of The Witcher tomorrow.

Earlier today, the official Twitter account of The Witcher tweeted a mysterious message telling fans to check back tomorrow for something.

"Kaer Morhen's old stones have witnessed many battles... Once more they'll feel the sting of sparks as blades collide... Check back tomorrow."

Since CD Projekt is currently busy on developing Cyberpunk 2077, it's unlikely that the big reveal will involve a new The Witcher game. CD Projekt Red's community lead Marcin Mormot previously said that Geralt will be featured in another game soon

Although the tweet didn't specifically say what it is, multiple reports followed Mormot's tweet claiming that Geralt will be included in the roster of the upcoming fighting game Soul Calibur VI. The tweet teases themes of combat, so I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be an announcement about his appearance in Soul Calibur VI.

We'll have to wait and find out tomorrow what it is but The Witcher fans online are already getting hyped for it.

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