The Witcher Showrunner Addresses Allegations That Series is 'Mocked The Books'

It looks like The Witcher has been facing major backlash after Henry Cavill announced his departure from the Netflix series. For instance, fans believe that Cavill decided to leave the show due to creative differences with the writers who want to stray from the source material. Now, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has addressed claims that she and the writers have "mocked the books" by Andrzej Sapkowski during their meetings.

Back in October, former Witcher writer Beau DeMayo revealed that some of the writers on the show disliked the books and would mock the source material. Since then, fans have questioned whether the people involved in the series are taking it seriously.

Interestingly, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has addressed the claims in one of her social media posts. In response to a comment on her post, the showrunner clarified that she had always looked up to Andrzej Sapkowski and his works.

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"I've never mocked the books," Hissrich wrote. "The books are my entire livelihood. I have a great relationship with Mr Sapkowski, and writer’s rooms are sacred and safe and - more than anything - supportive spaces. Don't believe everything you read."

Interestingly, Hissrich also addressed Beau DeMayo's comments.

"I have great respect for Beau and the episodes he wrote!" Hissrich wrote. "The striga episode is one of my favorites. He wrote the one where people came to Kaer Morhen and Eskel died which had a lot of backlash, but he was brave in telling the story he wanted to tell. It takes a lot of balls to do that. I respect that."

It's understandable why Hissrich wants to make it clear that she and the writers have a lot of respect for Sapkowski. Hopefully, this will be reflected in the next season of The Witcher.

The Witcher Season 3 has not yet been given an official release date but is expected to premiere on Netflix in 2023.

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