The Winchesters News & Update: Supernatural Legacy Character to Appear in Prequel

Credit: TV Promos/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TV Promos/YouTube Screenshot

Another legacy character will appear in The Winchesters. According to Entertainment Weekly, Ruth Connell will reprise her role as Rowena, everyone's favorite Scottish witch and ruler of Hell.

Who is Rowena?

To recap, Supernatural fans were first introduced to the formidable sorceress in Season 10 when it was revealed that even Crowley (Mark Sheppard) had something to fear - his mother, Rowena. When she arrived with her spells as one of the season's key adversaries, she would be another character convinced to the side of good thanks to the charm and charisma of the Winchester boys, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki).

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After appearing to die during the show's 15th and final season, she reappeared near the conclusion to announce that she rose to the top of Hell's flaming pits to become its leader.

Rowena's Role in The Winchesters

With a unique fashion sense and plenty of attitude, it's unknown how Rowena will come into contact with Mary (Meg Donnelly), John (Drake Rodger), and the rest of the eclectic squad of demon hunters, but we're certain that humorous antics will ensue with Rowena back in action.

Jensen Ackles, Danneel Ackles, and Robbie Thompson are keeping their end of the bargain after telling fans that The Winchesters would feature a slew of legacy characters.

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Connell will be the fourth Supernatural character to appear on the show. She was preceded by Richard Speight Jr., who brought the mayhem with Loki, a brief but wonderful cameo from Rob Benedict, and "the mystery man," aka Dean Winchester (Ackles).

While the first season of The Winchesters did not earn a backorder, we may still expect it to receive a second season based on the amount of hype and views it has had thus far. Even if our legacy characters have just had bit parts and cameos so far, the producers are testing the waters, so who knows what the future holds. Rowena will join The Winchesters on Feb. 28.

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