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The White Lotus Season 3: Fans Hilariously Guess the Possible Next Stars Who Will Join the Next Season

Credit: HBO/YouTube Screenshot

HBO has officially renewed The White Lotus for a third season, and fans are now looking forward to seeing the new stars who will join the show. Some of the anthology series’ followers are now guessing the next celebrities coming to The White Lotus Season 3, and they’re all wild.

From the Marvel Cinematic Universe stars to the cast of Scream Queens and more, fans have a lot in mind on who may come to The White Lotus Season 3, and it’s incredibly hilarious. But one thing is for sure: they all want Jennifer Coolidge to continue to play her role as the super-wealthy Tanya.

Fans Reveal the Celebrities They Want to see in The White Lotus Season 3

Fans share their funny guesses on who will be in the show’s next season to enjoy a vacation in the fictional resort chain on a list by ScreenRant.

One fan suggests Denise (Niecy Nash) from Scream Queens join the show to investigate the deaths happening in the series. But if Denise comes, several fans want to also see Zayday (Keke Palmer) in it.

They also want to see Deborah (Jean Smart) and Ava (Hannah Einbinder) from Hacks take a vacation at The White Lotus. But be warned, a Twitter user said all the relationships in The White Lotus Season 3 might get destroyed with them in it.

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The funniest suggestion of them is the possible appearance of the MCU stars Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen. However, the poster doesn’t reveal if they will be seen as their MCU characters, Captain America and Wanda, aka Scarlet Witch, or to play new roles.

The White Lotus Renewal

After HBO renewed the show for another season, fans have already started a guessing game on what will happen in The White Lotus Season 3.

With their investigative powers, netizens have discovered that the show is being exclusively filmed at Four Seasons resorts.

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Hence, they start to search for the resort’s branches in different parts of the world and see a location at a ski lodge in Vail or the Alps.

As the first two seasons have been warm and beachy, it may be fitting to have a snowy location for the next installment. This may also feature several interesting plot points, like an avalanche, a snowmobile accident, or a ski lift fiasco, per V Magazine.

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Some also suggest that The White Lotus Season 3 may be set in Australia, Dubai, or Singapore.

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