The Wheel of Time Episode 8 RELEASE DATE and TIME, COUNTDOWN for Season 1 FINALE

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The Wheel of Time Episode 7 revealed the Dragon Reborn. With that knowledge, we move into the series' finale - for now. Season 2 is, of course, already in the making, but we're going to have to go without it for some time. Not before some epic scenes next week, however.

Are you keen to find more about the newest episode's shocking revelations? Keep reading! Below you'll find all you need to know about The Wheel of Time Episode 8 including its release date, release time, and a handy recap so that you can catch up first!

The Wheel of Time Episode 7 Recap

Warning: Episode 7 Spoilers Below! Proceed with caution!

Having left the power seat of the Aes Sedai behind, the Two Rivers villagers are once again traveling with Moiraine. Everyone is tense due to Mat's desertion. Is the dagger still influencing him, or is there another explanation for his actions? The uncertainty takes a toll on everyone, and their relationships suffer because of that.

When a Trolloc attacks the party, Egwene manages to save the day. However, her use of the One Power attracts Black Wind, which awakens everyone's worst fears about the future and their relationships with each other. Nynaeve manages to repel that, but not to boost anyone's morale, after the traumatic experience. To make matters worse, Moiraine reveals that anyone who isn't the Dragon is going to die when they reach the Eye of the World.

The villagers argue about the best course of action. Their fighting brings quite some drama to light. Perrin is revealed to have been in love with Egwene for quite some time. Rand can hardly overcome what he deems as Egwene's abandonment, while Nynaeve can no longer hide her feelings for Lan. On a whim, she finds him, and they spend the night together. Rand and Egwene reconcile, with the former declaring that he'll be her Warder once she becomes an Aes Sedai.

Their happiness is short-lived, however. Rand can't forget the Black Wind's taunting that he's the Dragon. Min Farshaw, a sheer, confirms his suspicions, revealing that he's the child of a Maiden of the Spear, who died shortly after giving birth to him. From there on, Tam, who is likely not his biological father, found him and raised him in the Two Rivers. With this terrible knowledge, Rand sets out with Moiraine, leaving the others behind.

The Wheel of Time Episode 8 Release Date

The Wheel of Time Episode 8 RELEASE DATE and TIME for FINALE - Lan
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Credit: Amazon Prime Video

The release date for The Wheel of Time Episode 8 is Friday, December 24 on Amazon Prime Video. That's Christmas Eve viewing fixed. The title of the episode is "The Eye of the World," same as Jordan's first book.

The Wheel of Time Episode 8 Release Time

The Wheel of Time Episode 8 RELEASE DATE and TIME for FINALE 2 - Nynaeve
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Credit: Amazon Prime Video

We're expecting The Wheel of Time Episode 8 to air next Friday, the 24th of December, at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Amazon has announced the exact timeline for all 8 episodes. If all remains correct, here's when the episode will be available in different timezones:

  • Pacific Time: 4:00 PM
  • Central Time: 6:00 PM
  • British Time: 11:00 PM

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The Wheel of Time Episode 8 COUNTDOWN

The Wheel of Time Episode 8 Countdown for FINALE

Watch out for Episode 8 of The Wheel of Time this Friday! Less than a week for Rand to face the Dark One. Will he make it?

The Wheel of Time Episode 8 Where To Watch

The Wheel of Time is an Amazon Prime original, currently only available to watch through Amazon Prime Video.

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