The Wheel of Time Episode 5 Ending: Is [SPOILER] the Dragon Reborn?

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The Wheel of Time Episode 5, Blood Calls to Blood, is all about dealing with the aftermath of last week's episode, The Dragon Reborn. The show gives us our first stunning look at the Aes Sedai stronghold Tar Valon and reunites the characters from Emond's Field.

Episode 5 Recap


Stepin was Kerene's warder, and after she was gone, he seemed to have lost all motivation to live. Lan is concerned, but Moiraine assures Lan that Stepin is a strong guy who will find his way.

When they arrive in Tar Valon, Moiraine requests Nynaeve to remain in the room. She wishes to keep her away from the public, as well as the Aes Sedai sisters. She is concerned that Tower politics will not be kind to her. However, Nynaeve is concerned about her companions' whereabouts and inquires of Moiraine.

Moiraine assures that her spy network is continuously on the lookout for Rand, Mat, Egwene, and Perrin. She informs Nynaeve that the women in town have their own objectives and have spent years honing their skills.

Rand and Matt arrive at Tar Valon and observe the Logain Ablar parade. People throw whatever they can find at Logain. At that very moment, something extraordinary occurs. Logain looks Matt in the eyes with his eyes wide open. He laughs uncontrollably. An evil laugh.

Rand becomes increasingly concerned about Matt. He's aware that Matt's mental state is deteriorating day by day. Matt wants him to make a vow that if it turns out that any of them can channel, the other will end things before they become an object to ridicule.

When the Children of Light get in their path, the Tuatha'an cavalcade, of which Perrin and Egwene are a part, comes to a halt. Perrin and Egwene are seen by Child Walda, a Questioner. He apprehends them and transports them to the camp of the Children of Light.

The Children of Light were always opposed channelers, believing them to be dark friends or witches. Child Valda tortures Perrin and Egwene to see who can channel, and he is convinced that Egwene has the ability.

Is Perrin the Dragon Reborn?

In The Wheel of Time Episode 5, Perrin appears to be channeling energy that draws wolves, which explains why they've been following him and Egwene since they departed the Dead City. Perrin's dormant instincts appear to be coming out now that he has been pushed to the edge by Eamon Valda's torture.

Perrin appears to have the strength and instincts of a superhuman wolf, however, his abilities are uncertain. Given that even Eamon can't figure out what kind of creature Perrin is, it's safe to assume he's not the Dragon Reborn, but rather a different kind of strong being.