The Walking Dead’s Glenn May be Dead, But Steven Yeun’s Humor Isn’t

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With seven years under his belt in The Walking Dead, Steven Yeun’s face may be majorly connected to his role as Glenn Rhee.

And now that we’re over and done with the iconic head-bashing episode (on TV, not emotionally), it seems that Steven Yeun is finally able to go out and about to hunt for his next project.

But during his stint in Conan, the actor seems to have already landed the next big gig in his career: Conan O’Brien’s very own rehearsal double.

What does that even mean? Yeun is just happy to show fans and Conan himself, in the clip below.





As a stand-in during rehearsal, Yeun apparently fills in for the TV host and gets to act Conan-y. This means forcing to be funny, ripping up cue cards, and firing everyone. Let’s not forget his little pump-me-up (with tears) before work.

And that epic hair care scene? I think he even beats Conan by a long shot. Especially when he goes redhead. If it means anything as a stand-in, Yeun will definitely make for a great red head, even probably better than original The Walking Dead redhead Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), who had a cameo appearance in the clip.

Kidding aside, it was a nice send-off of sorts. I’m pretty sure a lot of you have been emotionally upheaved by that premiere episode, it’s a good thing to laugh and just see our Glenn all smiles, and not having one of his eyes popping out of its socket.

The Walking Dead will be back for its The Kingdom episode this Sunday on AMC.

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