The Walking Dead Spoilers, News & Update: Daryl, Carol Will Eventually Reunite, Says Norman Reedus

Credit: SiriusXM/YouTube

Credit: SiriusXM/YouTube

Carol and Daryl will "definitely" reunite in The Walking Dead universe, according to Norman Reedus. In a new spinoff, Daryl is embarking on a solo expedition to Europe for the time being.

Of course, Daryl and Carol were supposed to be spun off together, but that changed when Carol actress Melissa McBride decided to leave the show.

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The Walking Dead will see Carol & Daryl reunite ‘for sure’

Reedus, who is now doing press for his debut novel The Ravaged, has continued to discuss McBride's departure from Carol and Daryl's spinoff, as well as The Walking Dead universe's future.

Reedus confirmed to Iron & Air that Carol and Daryl would be reunited at some point, and he is confident that the two old pals will share the screen again.

“For sure,” he said. “The Carol and Daryl will definitely come back together.”

Some fans were enraged by McBride's abrupt departure from The Walking Dead's Carol and Daryl spinoff, and they took their rage out on Reedus, apparently believing he was to blame for McBride's decision.

Things got so nasty on social media that Reedus' co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan took to Twitter to defend him, calling out "toxic" fans.

After that, Reedus clarified McBride's departure from Carol and Daryl's show, noting that the actress simply needed a break after 12 years on The Walking Dead.

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Stroking fan interest?

This latest remark by Reedus on the future of "the Carol and Daryl" on-screen relationship matches previous remarks by the actor, in which he hinted at probable cameos by recognizable TWD characters on Daryl's spinoff.

Indeed, Reedus appears to be purposely stirring fan interest in the spinoff by mentioning the idea of Daryl running across familiar and beloved characters while roaming a zombie-infested Europe.

When it comes to lost The Walking Dead characters, the elephant in the room is, of course, Rick Grimes, who is still alive someplace after being carried by a CRM helicopter in the middle of Season 9.

In fact, fans were intended to see a trilogy of Rick Grimes movies, but those plans haven't been updated in a long time and appear to be in limbo.

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