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1883 Season 2 Release Date, News & Update: When To Expect The Next Chapter, According To Tim McGraw

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To be clear, there is not going to be an 1883 Season 2, at least for now. Paramount+ didn’t announce a renewal, but it did introduce a new Yellowstone – 1932 – which we’ve known for quite a while now. However, Tim McGraw feels that a possibility for a Season 2 shouldn’t be ruled out. Instead, fans would have to be really patient.

McGraw appeared on the podcast Just for Variety. McGraw startled presenter Marc Malkin when he was asked if he would do a second season. McGraw has an idea. It turns out. Fans of 1883 would be thrilled as well.

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1883 Season 2 could still happen

McGraw admitted that there would be no 1883 Season 2 any time soon. In 1932, Harisson Ford and Helen Mirren take over, but they'll never come up to the modern-day Yellowstone Duttons. However, once that series is completed, McGraw has not ruled out returning to 1883.

“Well, I think it would be a little late now because they’ve already got 1932,” McGraw said on Just For Variety. “I think a few years down the road, if they decided to revisit it, it would be something interesting.”

1883 Season 2 after 1932

McGraw had another suggestion for 1883 Season 2: don't set it in 1883 again, now that Taylor Sheridan has established dates as the titles of Yellowstone prequels.

“But I think down the road if we were to say, ‘All right, we’re going to go 10 or 15 years later, maybe 1900 and go back to you guys being older, the ranch being established,’ that might be something interesting,” McGraw said.

McGraw has no resentment toward 1932. In the Duttons' 1883 trek to Montana, he doesn't see another season.

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Tim McGraw foresaw the arrival of 1932

When 1883 first aired, Paramount+ did not refer to it as a limited series. McGraw stated that Sheridan informed them about 1932 before they ended, so there were no expectations for 1883 Season 2.

“I don’t know that they’d really thought too far ahead about where it was going to go,” McGraw said. “I know at the beginning we had talked about how many seasons it was going to be. Then I think about halfway through was when we started hearing, ‘You know, I think we’re going to jump to 1932.’”

McGraw, on the other hand, does not want to appear in 1932 flashbacks. James and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) deserve their own show, he believes.

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