Reacher Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers & Update: Alan Ritchson Reveals Which Lee Child Novel Up For Next Adaptation

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Credit: Prime Video/YouTube

Alan Ritchson's performance was so compelling from the start that Amazon Prime Video announced a second season renewal just days after the first season premiered. Ritchson confirms which novel will be adapted for Reacher Season 2 based on Lee Child's book series.

Reacher Season 2: Bad Luck and Trouble

According to The Wrap, Ritchson used Instagram to update fans on Reacher Season 2. Childs' 11th book, Bad Luck and Trouble, was featured in a photo posted by the actor.

"O'Donnell put his hand in his pocket and came out with his brass knuckles," he added as a teaser from the book. "Ceramic knuckles, technically.”

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The novel Bad Luck and Trouble was first published in 2007. The plot of the novel is around Reacher pursuing vengeance when members of his former military unit are discovered dead.

According to additional book facts, Reacher is back on the road until he receives a mystery bank deposit. Using his knowledge and analytical talents, he discovers it is a code from his old squad requesting assistance.

Ritchson also indicated that filming for Reacher Season 2 would begin in the fall. The announcement of which book the upcoming season will adapt demonstrated that Amazon Prime does not appear to follow the book series order. As a result, viewers cannot predict what each season will be about.

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Alan Ritchson awes fans and critics

For the series, the six-foot-two actor was cast in the character of Jack Reacher. Many fans thought he had the demeanor and size described in Child's books. Reacher is a nomad and drifter. He is a decorated former major in the U.S. Army military police.

For unknown reasons, he lands in Margrave, Georgia. The muscular and mysterious newcomer, on the other hand, immediately makes the residents of the little village uneasy. He wins some trust from Oscar Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin) and Roscoe Conklin after being wrongly accused of murder (Willa Fitzgerald). Reacher is in the small town for a reason, as fans discover.

He's seeking for his brother, and clues point him in the direction of Margrave. But when Reacher discovers his brother's death, he becomes embroiled in a deep conspiracy and secret.

By the end of Reacher, he has found justice for his brother, gotten rid of Margrave's dirty laundry, and is on his way to a new state. Reacher Season 2 will continue his story from the books.

Considering the pace with which the news was made, we expect that Reacher Season 2 will be released in early 2023, or possibly in the summer of 2023.

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