The Walking Dead Premiere Won’t See A Hero Saving the Gang

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There have been several theories swirling around on how The Walking Dead will continue from this point on. Major character's death—or even two—will happen, and it doesn't look like anyone can ever save the day for our favorite walker-fighting gang.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Greg Nicotero revealed that the first episode for the seventh season has been the most emotional so far in the history of The Walking Dead. And for those possible few who are keeping their fingers crossed that they'll be getting away unscathed—think Carol's heroic saves or Daryl's bazooka shot—there won't be any heroics this time.

"Where we left these characters at the end of season 6 is, they've been broken. Their world has literally become smaller and smaller and trapped them, and now they're in a situation that they've never been in before where the cavalry is not coming over the hill. Carol is not going to show up and blow up the propane tank outside of Terminus. These things aren't going to happen, and it's just devastating."

Perhaps that's one promise that we can bank on to change the direction that the show has been going. And Nicotero revealed that even the characters themselves upped their games, and took the emotional atmosphere of the shoots to an entirely different and raw level.

Nicotero also hinted that the first couple of episodes will be "relentless," and will take the viewers for a dark ride that even they didn't want to do. For the premiere episode alone, he also shared that there will be more to what was even shown in the comics.

Now we've already been warned that The Walking Dead's seventh season premiere will be harder to watch, but we get some hints as to why that is.

"It's even more than the comic book, because in the comic book, it's kind of abrupt, and it's over, and there's a little ‘Okay, I'll see you guys in a week. We'll be by to get half our share.' There's more to it."

Is this hinting at the addition of the second supposed character who will die that's not depicted in the comics? We still have a good two weeks to simmer on that.

The Walking Dead will be back on AMC on Oct. 23.

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