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The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere is Going to Be Loaded

If you thought Negan's kill is all there is to see in the premiere episode of The Walking Dead season 7, then you're in for a whole lot more.

The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero has already teased that the kill will be as gruesome as can be, but beyond it, there's a lot more darkness coming in that episode.

Speaking to, Nicotero revealed that the kill is just the tip of the iceberg. So much so that he dubbed it as the hardest episode he had to direct in the series.

"There's so much more that happens in that episode that is more heartbreaking than that moment, that by the time the episode's over, it's almost too much. It's that intense. It just keeps getting worse. It goes lower and lower and lower and lower."

That's very promising, considering how fans were divided in their reactions and views of that hell of a cliffhanger. And even after the premiere episode is over, Nicotero promises that the entire season will dive into the darkness that it starts.

For starters, he teases that this is the first time we'll see a scared Rick Grimes. Ross Marquand added emphasis to this, repeating what has already been teased back then on the power shift between the leaders of the two groups.

"I think it's the complete emasculation of Rick and you get to see a huge power shift in the group. People are going to have to look at that world and say, ‘Is this something that I can truly assimilate into or am I going to have massive issues with his new world that Negan has laid out before us?'"

Personally, this is a great direction, if the show can deliver. We've seen the sixth season build up the mainstays to be the power group of now-aggressive hunters out to secure their place in the world. Whether it will bring them back to uncertainties of nomads or turn them into a more ferocious team—I'm just dying to find out which.

The Walking Dead will be back on Oct. 23 on AMC.

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