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The Walking Dead: Dead City: Lauren Cohan Teases Another Dark Turn for Maggie’s Story

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Lauren Cohan discussed her return as Maggie Rhee in The Walking Dead: Dead City. After closing her character’s story in the original series, things will again turn darker for Maggie in the upcoming spinoff.

The Walking Dead universe is far from with the sequel and spinoffs currently airing and will release. From Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon to Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira’s Rick & Michonne, fans will soon see Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprising their roles in The Walking Dead: Dead City.

The Dark Turn of Maggie’s Arc, Once Again

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cohan revealed that Maggie would again be in the middle of chaos after the relative peace she had in TWD following the war against the Commonwealth.

“We end up picking up in New York at the bottom of a really unexpected mountain, where maybe things have gone well for a period of time, but we're back at this challenge, just like these challenges that always seem to keep cropping up,” she said.

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The upcoming spinoff will be picking up the events the mothership series left. So, what happened in those years that they transitioned to New York City?

"Nothing is through rose-colored glasses," she continued. "Because the thing that comes up, it's like, okay, so we overcame this obstacle of the Commonwealth and these things, that doesn't mean life is easy just because you quashed one enemy. And the enemy is this moving target. It's also the enemy within."

Does Maggie’s Child Make Her and Negan Go to New York?

Though Cohan has been very careful not to give anything away, she has mentioned “parenting” several times in the interview.

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She also said something about her character’s greatest weaknesses being exploited. So, does it mean something happens to her child that forces her and Negan (Morgan) to go to New York?

"Sometimes it's not the big things that are the hard things, it's the little things,” she continued. “And those little things become very, very big things because they are our own blind spots, and they are our own greatest weakness."

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By the looks of it, fans have to wait a little longer on what brings Meggie and Negan to the Big Apple when The Walking Dead: Dead City drops in April 2023.

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