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Doom Patrol Season 4: What Does Madame Rouge’s New Role in the Group Mean to Her?

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The heroes have started their journeys in Doom Patrol Season 4, and each has an epic ride. Now that Madame Rouge (Michelle Gomez) is part of the household after the third season, showrunner Jeremy Carver reveals what her new journey will mean for her.

Two episodes in, and Doom Patrol Season 4 is already making some noise with the new adventures the heroes have officially begun. With Larry’s (Matt Bomer) Keg, Cliff’s (Brendan Fraser) robotic hand, Rita’s (April Bowlby) place in the team, and Jane’s (Diane Guerrero) purpose, what will Rouge deal with as part of the group?

Madame Rouge’s Part in Doom Patrol Season 4

In an interview with Comicbook, Carver analyzed the issues Rouge will face in the new season.

"I think Rouge is trying to figure out if it's even possible to love all parts of herself or not, the good and the bad and how do you just accept yourself for who you are and not who you think you should be, which you're right, is not dissimilar to the arcs that many of our other Doomies have been on before in terms of reckoning with who they are now versus who they were then," he explained.

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He continued that Gomez’s role is in a “very strange position” when she became the team leader. Now, she doesn’t only feel that she’s part of a group but also sees herself as a part of the family.

"That's very destabilizing for her in the sense of it is very unfamiliar ground to not be in a situation where one is only one light emergency away from running for the hills,” Carver added. “So, she finds herself constantly sort of debating not just where she fits in this family, but actually how much she actually likes this family and how much this family means to her."

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Doom Patrol Being Compared to The Umbrella Academy

Doom Patrol has been compared to The Umbrella Academy since it started airing in 2019. Mind you, these two shows even have the same premiere date, February 2019.

However, compared to the Netflix series, the HBO Max show has existed for decades as a comic.

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The Umbrella Academy co-creator Gerard Way admitted, via CBR, that Doom Patrol influenced his comic book.

Doom Patrol has just started its fourth season, while The Umbrella Academy just finished its third. Though the two are quite different from each other, it can’t be denied that they have a lot in common, too, and one of them is they’re both a success.

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