Every Vought Cinematic Universe Release Ranked by How Much Fans NEED It to Be Real

The V52 expo stage from the boys
Credit: The Boys | Amazon Prime | Dynamite Entertainment

The V52 expo stage from the boys
Credit: The Boys | Amazon Prime | Dynamite Entertainment

When it comes to superhero satire, nobody does it better than The Boys. The show’s premise was built around mocking superheroes, so the big boys would eventually take a hit. And that’s precisely what happened in the latest episode of Season 4.

Episode 5 takes a direct jab at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Vought’s rendition of a comic con called the V52 Expo, we get the first look at the Vought Cinematic Universe. Mocking the Marvel universe, the VCU unveils an overpacked slate of content, with phases 7 to 19.

Many fans loved the joke and wanted the movies released on the big screen. So, in this article, we’ll rank the most wanted movies from the Vought Cinematic Universe.

Homelander vs Soldier Boy Annihilation

Ever since their fight, we knew Vought would produce something out of this. And, here we have it. With everything that was teased in the V52 Expo, this is what caught everyone’s eye.

While all the other movies had a satirical theme mocking either the MCU or DC, Homelander vs. Soldier Boy is something fans would pay to watch. It’s like Vought’s very own Captain America: Civil War, and we’re all here for it.

The Tek-Knight

While the MCU took the brunt of the joke, they weren’t alone. Alongside all the movie releases, we got The Tek-Knight, which is supposedly the sequel to Tek-Knight Begins—starting to ring a bell? If not, get this: The Tek-Knight will feature a “soundtrack of Nirvana hits and a 12-minute sequence that’s entirely pitch black.” So, it might take a few notes from The Batman.

We don’t know DC's sentiment, but the fans took the joke well. Now, they want The Tek-Knight to be released in theatres.

G-Men Days Past From The Future

This was by far the most creative one on the list. If you think it will be like X-Men Days of Future Past, think again. This is G-Men and has nothing to do with the Marvel mutants.

Set to release in phase 10 after the first two G-Men movies, G-Men Days Past From The Future is a real hit in the making. While the real synopsis of the movie is still to be released, the title has gotten the fans demanding a trailer.

Flipped starring The Guardians of Godolkin

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Cate Dunlap and Sam Riordan are the Guardians of Godolkin. They’ll star in the new Vought movie, Flipped. Again, while the name and logo are nearly identical to Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy, it’s a different movie.

With the Gen-V characters finally having a cameo on the show, fans are excited to see them in their standalone movie. So, Vought has a lot of work to do.

The Deep: Secrets of Atlantis

At the V52 Expo, The Deep was the most excited about his upcoming movie—and now, so are the fans. Set to be released in phase 7, The Deep: Secrets of Atlantis is already getting Oscar buzz, according to Vought. While Aquaman may have grossed over $1 billion at the box office, The Deep is set to break the record for most time on screen without a breath.

If this project was real, the hype it’s getting would make it a hit on the big screen.

With the number of VCU movies unveiled, this list has something for everyone. So, in the comments below, let us know what movies from the VCU you want to see on the big screen.

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