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The Boys Can Do What Marvel Can't, Seth Rogen Says

Seth Rogen, the executive producer of The Boys, recently revealed why he believes Marvel Studios will never touch a project like his Amazon Prime series.

The Boys is based on Garth Ennis's graphic comic book series of the same name. It takes place in a universe where a group of superheroes known as The Seven rule supreme, but a non-superpowered organization known as The Boys attempts to expose the "heroes" as frauds.

The Boys’ Appeal: ‘It was Obvious to Us’

Rogen appeared on the popular YouTube show Hot Ones to promote his

Promoting his new Hulu show Pam & Tommy, Rogen made an appearance on the popular YouTube show Hot Ones. Sean Evans, the host of the show, asked Rogen what prompted him to adapt a comic book premise like The Boys into a live-action series during his interview.

As soon as Rogen and his producing partner Evan Goldberg saw the first issue of The Boys, they knew it was a no-brainer to bring it to the big screen.

Rogen explained, "It was obvious to us." Despite the fact that comic book films have become one of Hollywood's most popular franchises in recent years, he acknowledged that a studio like Marvel would never dare to make a film like The Boys because of its subject matter:

"I think people love superhero stuff and Marvel is obviously very popular and makes great films and TV shows, but there are certain things they just can't do... It would simply be too damaging to their brand to have, like, a character kill someone with a ten-foot d*ck. So as long as they're not doing that, it leaves a great opportunity for us."

The Boys Spinoffs Underway

The Boys, a Primetime Emmy Award-nominated show, is now in its third season, with two spinoffs in the works.

The Boys: Diabolical is an animated anthology series that will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, Mar 4. Another presently unannounced spinoff series based on a superhero college has also been confirmed to series.

Lizze Broadway, Jaz Sinclair, and Aimee Carrero have been cast as members of the G-Men (a spoof of the X-Men).

The Boys comics were first published in 2006, and the show was released on Amazon in 2019, proving to be a huge hit with viewers. A trailer for The Boys season three was recently released, with the perverse take on superheroism planned for a June 3 return.

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