The Suicide Squad Sequel Could Take Place in the Middle East; Aiming for R-Rating

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News had just dropped that the script for Suicide Squad 2 has been finished, and now rumors are coming out on what kind of plot we can expect from the movie.

As per insider @DanielRPK (via SuperBroMovies), it's said that the movie is aiming to be a black-ops-type movie that will be more grounded than the original. Suicide Squad 2 is also said to be aiming for an R-rating, so that should be interesting.

It's also rumored that a huge chunk of the movie will be taking place in the Middle East; this lines up with the earlier rumors going around that the main villain of the movie is going to be Captain Marvel's nemesis Black Adam, but due to the busy schedule of Dwayne Johnson (who is playing Adam), it's possible that WB will find someone else to take Adam's place as the big bad.


In a time where superhero films are being made left and right, Suicide Squad had managed to come out with such a predictable plot and shoddy exposition. Don't get me wrong, the movie does have its redeeming qualities (e.g., Deadshot, Harley Quinn), but the overall final product we got just didn't live up to the hype. Not even the extended edition could fix this dumpster fire.

Hopefully incoming director Gavin O' Connor does better than his predecessor David Ayer.

No release date has been confirmed for Suicide Squad 2, but at this pace, we could be looking at a release sometime in 2020.

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