The Script for Suicide Squad 2 has Been Finished

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Though the movie was critically panned, Suicide Squad still made a lot of money for WB, and a sequel is currently in the works. Just in, the script has already been finished, and we get a small idea of what to expect from the characters.

Talking to Discussing Film, co-writer Todd Stashwick explains, "We have finished our draft and I'm really proud of it." He couldn't go on to reveal further details, but he did say, "Our intention is to tell an exciting story, deepening these characters."

Though the trailers had everyone hyped up for the movie, what we eventually got with Suicide Squad was ultimately a disappointment. From clunky exposition to a tired world-destroying plot, SS was one of the films that had people asking if WB knew what it was doing with its DC IP.


Then again, the movie is not without its merits. Will Smith and Margot Robbie absolutely shine as Deadshot and Harley Quinn, and the aesthetic of the film was very signature to director David Ayer. I also love the characterization of Captain Boomerang, but I wish they just explored him more in this sequel or at least made him look useful. After Terminator Genisys, I never thought I would like Jai Courtney again — until Suicide Squad.

No release date has been set for Suicide Squad 2, but with production on full swing for other DCEU projects, we could be looking at a release in 2020.

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