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The Sandman Showrunner Discusses Sandra Oh, Neil Gaiman Casting in A Dream of a Thousand Cats

There is little doubt that A Dream of a Thousand Cats is one of the most popular stories from the Sandman comic books because it featured characters that are (mostly) cats, including the feline incarnation of Morpheus. So it's no surprise that the animated adaptation of the tale also boasted a stellar voice cast that was important for Allan Heinberg. The Sandman showrunner has spoken up about casting Sandra Oh and Neil Gaiman in important roles in the bonus episode.

The bonus episode A Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope was released on August 19 and the two-part special feature opened with the animated adaptation of the comics' cat story. In the episode, Sandra Oh portrays the Siamese cat who is referred to as The Prophet who shares her dream with a gathering of other felines. Oh's casting made perfect sense considering that she had previously worked with Allan Heinberg on Grey's Anatomy. Not surprisingly, Oh took on the role because of Heinberg's irresistible offer.

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“She was really interested in the show and was asking a lot of great questions,” Heinberg told Netflix Tudum. “And so I said, ‘Is there any part of you interested in voicing this incredible cat?’ And she was too intrigued to say no.”

In addition to Oh, A Dream of a Thousand Cats featured Neil Gaiman as the voice of the Crow who tells the Siamese cat about the Cat of Dreams. Heinberg revealed that the author was eager to take on the role in the episode.

“He’s got one of the best voices,” Heinberg said. “Once we got into the booth, there was nothing reticent about him. He really wanted to be more crowlike and would flap his arms and fearlessly work for it.”

All episodes of The Sandman, including A Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope, are now streaming on Netflix.

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