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The Sandman Season 2: Boyd Holbrook Teases The Corinthian's Future

There is little doubt that everyone is already looking forward to The Sandman Season 2 since the series is set to introduce awesome new characters from the comic books. But is it possible we'll be seeing some familiar faces as well? Boyd Holbrook has just teased the return of The Corinthian although the Nightmare had been unmade in the first season.

In the first season of The Sandman, The Corinthian was one of the antagonists who tried to get rid of Morpheus. After tricking the powerful Rose to help him, The Corinthian almost succeeded in destroying Dream but Rose realized his intent and restored the Dreaming temporarily. This allowed Morpheus to unmake the Corinthian, but is it possible he will be remade in the second season?

Boyd Holbrook recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly where he addressed the possibility of returning as the Corinthian in The Sandman Season 2.

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"I think the reincarnation aspect is really exciting because you've already set up the Corinthian as this bad guy, but then if he's reincarnated as a good guy, you're always constantly wondering if it's for real or not," Holbrook said. "I think you'll have people on the hook. You can reel them back and forth and really play with that. I think that's going to be even better, actually."

This isn't a huge stretch considering that Morpheus does remake The Corinthian in the comics. We're all hoping that the series will do the same but Holbrook says that he hasn't been contacted about returning in the second season.

"I've been getting some information trickling down about that. I think we'll go back maybe in the summer to start doing some stuff, but I don't know when they'll call me, if it'll be Season 2 or be Season 3. But I love that the Corinthian has made an impact and that people dig it," he said.

The Sandman Season 2 has not yet been given an official release date. In the meantime, all 11 episodes of the first season are currently streaming on Netflix.

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