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The Sandman Star Details How Death Grew Compassionate Towards Humans in Deleted Scene

One of the many mysteries that entities fail to comprehend is humanity. The Sandman star Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who plays Death in the show, shows details on how her character understands the experience of dying, of being mortal in a deleted scene.

During the Brazil CCXP, Howell-Baptiste opens her panel at how one deleted scene from the episode, The Sound of Her Wings, fully explained how Death had come to realize the meaning behind life. Unfortunately, there are no leaked clips on the deleted scene yet, so we’ll have to take Howell-Baptiste’s word for it for now.

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In an interview with Collider, Howell-Baptiste describes the deleted scene with full detail, recalling how “it was really nice to see it” because of how she forgot it existed in the first place. The deleted scene involved Death and Dream walking around London, check out her full story below:

“It was a scene where it’s a continuation of myself and Dream [Tom Sturridge] walking and talking through London, and he’s going about… He’s with me on a day of work. He’s like, bring-your-kid-to-work day.”

Howell-Baptiste continues on to say in full detail as to how Death transformed herself into the human-mortal experience, which is why she was able to grasp the grief of death and grow more compassionate towards humanity.

“In that scene, what we talk about is, Death goes through her job, and she expects—well, she does obviously get resistance—and so, what she talks about is, she decided to experience what she does. So, she lived for a day and then met herself. She was taking it, she had her amount of time [before dying]. And I think that scene or that part that we’ve taken from the comic is so key to who Death is, and the reason why she’s so compassionate is because she understands, because she went through it. So, she understands that no one is ready at the end because she, herself being Death, and knowing what was going to happen, still didn’t feel ready to go.”

The Sandman Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix, with The Sandman Season 2 greenlit by Neil Gaiman. You can check out more updates on this story here.

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