The Sandman: Netflix Addresses Aspect Ratio Criticisms

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The Sandman was a beautifully crafted adaptation of Neil Gaiman's graphic novels but there was one major thing about the series that viewers are taking issue with. It appears that the episodes are being presented in a slightly different aspect ratio that gives it a distorted appearance. So is this deliberate or has there been a terrible mistake? Netflix has finally addressed the issue and gave an interesting explanation.

The aspect ratio has been something that people were talking about since the first trailer for The Sandman was released. Although it was initially believed to have been a mistake on Netflix's part, the release of the episodes has confirmed that the aspect ratio is similarly skewed for the rest of the series.


So is this just a technical issue that will eventually be solved? As it turns out, this is exactly how The Sandman was meant to be viewed. A spokesperson for Netflix confirmed that the aspect ratio was a deliberate choice for the series.

“As you’ll note many of the environments are surreal in the series and we often say it’s quite what a dream would feel like,” the spokesperson told Variety.


It's an interesting yet effective choice considering that it gives the viewer a strange feeling of being in a dream. With that in mind, The Sandman is a truly unique show that transports us to the world of The Dreaming.

The Sandman finally started streaming on Netflix on August 5 and it was well worth the wait. The project had been stuck in production hell for several decades and Neil Gaiman finally found the right team to bring his works to life. Needless to say, we are loving every episode of the series and we're now waiting for the second season to be announced.

All 10 episodes of The Sandman are now streaming on Netflix.

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