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The Resident Season 6 Trailer Spells Danger for Padma and Twins

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The Resident Season 6 has a lot of loose ends to tie. After the fifth season ended with a major love triangle between Conrad (Matt Czuchry), Billie (Jessica Lucas), and Cade (Kaley Ronayne), the new trailer spells danger for Padma (Aneesha Joshi) and her and AJ’s (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) twins.

The series’ official Twitter page released a new trailer for The Resident Season 6 on Friday, August 26. The clip looks intense every second after Padma suddenly collapses.

What Happens to Padma?

The trailer begins with Conrad saying, “Fixing things is supposed to be my job.”

By the looks of it, he and the rest of his staff have to save one of their own as something unthinkable happens.

Padma then faints, and the next scene shows her hoping for the best. “Please don’t let there be anything wrong,” she says while sitting on the hospital bed and holding her baby bump.

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She gets her twin Leela (Anuja Joshi) at her side while talking to Devon (Manish Dayal), who has a worried expression on his face.

Later, she’s being rushed to the OR, begging, “Please save my babies.”

“We need to get in there right away,” Randolph (Bruce Greenwood) declares. From there, she begins bleeding out.

Elsewhere, Ian (Andrew McCarthy) is seen popping pills several times throughout the 30-second clip.

Is Padma in Danger?

In an interview with showrunner Andrew Chapman, he told TV Insider that they wanted The Resident Season 6 to be about AJ than about Padma.

“He’s the doctor and she’s not. He has to figure out how to be a father and yet not too overbearing,” he said. “He’s an overbearing character. He’s just bigger than life. We love the idea that they’re in a relationship that’s father and mother, but not a couple.”

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“That’s such a juicy, complicated, interesting thing, especially when you pair it with Devon and Leela, who are a couple but don’t have kids and Devon wants kids and Leela doesn’t,” he added.

The Resident Season 6 Love Triangle

The Resident Season 5 ended with a major cliffhanger where Conrad is about to choose between Cade and Billie.

So who’s he going to choose? Chapman explained to TVLine what might happen.

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"We just loved the idea that, at the end of [Season 5], Conrad would be ready to move on, but we weren't going to make that choice yet. We felt like that wouldn't be appropriate to the whole idea of grief and moving on,” he stated. "Making the choice is for the premiere of next season, and in fact, we have an idea laid out of what exactly it will be, and how we'll lay it out to the audience. That will be an entirely new idea."

The Resident Season 6 will premiere on September 20.

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